About Us

Bright is a full service branding agency with 40+ years experience in the positioning and design of successful brands in all product and service categories, particularly consumer packaged goods.

From the very start, we’ve been recognized for our groundbreaking work not simply in industry showcases, but where it truly counts. The marketplace.

Christian Klawitter

Managing Partner

Christian joined Keith Bright during the 1990’s bringing an MBA from Loyola Marymount University, an analytical mind and strategic leadership to the team. Through the evolution of brand building, Christian has been instrumental in expanding Bright’s offering from brand identity to a CPG partnership, building brands from start up, refresh or category migration.

Smart and insightful, Christian has become an integral member of the client’s team, often joining client executive management as corporate planning takes place and leading the strategic process, evaluation, positioning and creative development for such brands as Alexia Foods, Saffron Road, Pretzel Crisps, thinkThin, UCLA, Stanford University, ConAgra, Nestle Nutrition, PowerBar, Safeway and many others.

ROI and market growth is the driver of all brand design. Brand growth and success as well as great creative design is the reason why Bright has so many long term relationships with its clients. Christian led the Nutro Products account during its decade long tenure at Bright to sales that doubled to $600 million. Pretzel Crisps doubled their sales in two years and sold to Snyders Lance for 3X revenue. And, thinkThin saw sales double year over year, three years straight under Christian & company’s watch.

Over the last couple of decades, Christian has built relationships with CPG investment companies, key retailers and trade organizations. He has been the guest speaker at UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Natural Products Finance Seminar and is a familiar participant at many industry trade shows. In July 2014, Christian became a network advisor for CircleUp a crowdfunding network for private consumer companies, providing insight on the development of retail consumer brands to our next generation of innovators.

Christian and his wife Heather live north of Los Angeles. Proposals and phone calls at the weekend start before daylight so that full attention can be turned to three much loved and rambunctious children who are ready for scouts, soccer, biking and the trips to the beach. Life is never dull.

Tuire Kontiainen

Managing Partner

Born and raised in Finland, Tuire has a passion for languages, culture and food. She holds a degree in Languages and International Business/Marketing from the University of Helsinki and has a sense of adventure and discovery that first brought her to the US on an exchange program. She joined Bright in the early 1990’s.

Adding design and production to the languages that she is fluent in, Tuire has a unique talent and observation in brand and packaging systems and their implementation. Her ability to plan and meet the needs of a CPG brand as it expands to other sku’s, formats, categories or Point of Sale materials is detailed and masterful. It is a crucial element of Bright’s success.

At Bright, Tuire has managed niche and global programs from design development, implementation and final mechanical production for such brands as Allergan, Ortho Products, Langer’s Juice, Kirin Beer, Samsung and Nutro. Under Tuire’s watch, the Langer Juice company grew from a local, single sku regional brand to a top five juice brand nationwide.

While building brand value for her clients, Tuire has continued to evaluate production technologies and substrates providing efficiencies and scalability for branding initiatives that she has managed for Pretzel Crisps, Julian’s Recipe, Raybern Foods, Mars Petcare US, Gatorade, Kraft Foods, Alexia and ConAgra Foods among others.

While working at Bright, Tuire earned a professional certificate in French cooking and baking. She is an accomplished rock climber and although she seems to work 24/7 she can occasionally be spotted heading up the California coast on the back of boyfriend Steve’s motorbike.

Keith Bright


Although he is no longer in the studio on a day-to-day basis, Keith still has an office here and his presence is felt everywhere. Many of the current Bright team have worked closely with him.

Keith Bright is one of America’s founding identity and brand designers – one of a handful of the iconic few in the 70’s and 80’s who paved the way for brand identity as we know it today. Recipient of the American Institute of Graphic Arts Lifetime Achievement Award, Keith’s style of “go with your gut”, bold and courageous, has a laser focus on the point of differentiation and potential for competitive success.

Working closely with Christian Klawitter and Tuire Kontianen over the last couple of decades, Keith added core leadership and strategic thinking in the evolution of the firm. Early in 2013, Christian and Tuire purchased the company from Keith ensuring its future.

Today, Bright is proud of its stature as one of America’s leading design firms for over 40 years. Foundational and enduring, there is both a heritage and true understanding of the business of design and how it performs in today’s marketplace.

Bright Design carries the legacy of the joy of great visual imagery, the understanding of iconic communication and most insightfully, the tactical role of packaging a CPG brand for market achievement at shelf.