Erica Lau

Junior Designer

What do you do at Bright and how did you get into that? 
I lend my creative skills and services as a graphic designer. I couldn’t decide
between business and design during school so I simultaneously completed
degrees in both. I continue to hone my craft at Bright Design.

What rule do you live by? 
Be considerate.

What’s your superpower, or your spirit animal?
The power of observation.

Can you cook?  If so, what do you cook well?
I love to cook! I like cooking for small groups and I’ll make almost anything if
given enough time. And if someone volunteers to do the dishes it’s even better.

What was the last book you read?
Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.

How do you describe yourself in one word?

What is the one unique habit or daily ritual you have?
Play hide and seek with my dog and I always have a cup of tea at some
point in my day.