Japanese Brewery for the States

Since 1990, Bright Strategic Design has been one of Kirin Brewery of America’s key business partners. Over the years, Bright has developed numerous iterations of Kirin’s three product lines (Kirin, Ichiban and Light) in a multitude of applications including aluminum cans, bottles, and shippers.

Upon making a United States distribution deal with Anheuser Busch, Kirin Brewery narrowed the focus to Kirin Ichiban. Bright worked with Kirin Brewery of America to conform to Anheuser Busch’s standards but still give the end user a premium, imported Japanese beer experience.

In 2002, Kirin Brewery of America tapped Bright to develop the 24oz Kirin Ichiban can. Necessary to compete against rival Japanese faceted cans, Kirin realized competitive advantage in producing stateside. The challenge? Stock cans provided relatively boring experiences compared to imported varieties. To counter, Bright created a compelling, graphic can to encourage trial and stand out against the competition in convenience market.