Defenders of the free world

Bright worked with Robert Chandler and Partners to develop a fully integrated branding campaign for the free Internet Service provider spanning across all conventional media, including: Television, Radio, Billboards, Print and even the Movie Theatre. Under the powerful “Defenders of the Free World” headline, NetZero’s subscriber base has grown over ten time to 8.5 million users.

NetZero’s business premise was simple – free internet service funded by advertisers. The application process allowed NetZero to create unique consumer profiles and segments to market to consumer goods and service companies. For this model to work, NetZero needed capital and subscribers. However, without a credible image and no campaign, subscriber growth velocity was modest at best.

Bright created a cohesive brand image program around the new NetZero target logo and “DEFENDERS OF THE FREE WORLD” campaign. With $500,000 we bought print advertisements, remnant ad space on cable television and radio in 15 key markets. Subscriber base rocketed by 200% allowing the company to become the largest IPO of the dot com era, raising nearly $140 million dollars.

Establishing a credible, consistent brand theme created a strong consumer brand and business model that paid dividends long after the IPO. NetZero still remains in the top 5 ISPs nationwide. With healthy reserves at their disposal, they were able to reform the company into United Online, gobbling up competitors ( and diversifying ( into other internet services.