Catering premium chips in your grocer

Terra Chips, made from exotic vegetable roots, initially became popular at events catered by their creators. When the chips were taken off the buffet tables and put into the supermarkets, Terra contacted Bright to develop the brand image.

Bright married Terra’s foil bag with a black background, which allowed the graphic arc and beautiful product photography to leap off the shelf. Sophisticated typography and copy reinforced the product’s premium, gourmet positioning and validated a higher price point.

Since Terra’s launch, the brand has been successfully extended across 9 product lines with multiple culinary flavors in each category. Most recently, Bright worked with The Hain-Celestial Group in the A La Mexicana line extension of the exotic vegetable chips product line. An effort to reflect the mexican inspired seasoning in the packaging graphics.

The Terra brand is a tremendous specialty snack success and currently represents a significant portion of sales for the snack division of The Hain-Celestial Group.