In developing an effective brand, the most critical aspect of the program can be gaining a comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand. Depending on client and need, Bright may conduct brand workshops, competitive audits, consumer research, etc during this phase. Our end deliverable will be a collaboratively produced brand specific project plan outlining core message points and product specifics, target audiences, sales channels learnings and objectives and timeline.

Bright works from an approved design brief to develop creative concepts based on brand strategies. Depending on size and scope of assignment, brand design exploration can be quite exhaustive. During this phase, Bright may conduct preliminary illustration and/or photography to better communicate idea. Bright presents all initial design exploration but focuses on recommended directions. Recommended directions are extended to demonstrate viability. Bright and client work collaboratively to refine top picks for final direction. Final direction may be subject to board of director approval and/or consumer validation research.

Bright sees tremendous value in research if structured to garner meaningful consumer insight. The need to research is driven by many factors and varies based on client and situation. Should validation research become necessary, we prefer to facilitate coordination with outside parties (either provided or our own). We have participated in a multitude of consumer insight programs – quantitative or qualitative, online or in the field.

Bright will extend final selected layouts or identities or campaigns to every necessary application. For CPG brands it would be flavors, sizes, shippers, etc. For corporate identity programs it may be stationery, websites, brochures or mailers. Illustration/photography/copy is procured and final mechanicals are produced and subjected to a strict review/approval process.