Soul Sprout


Growing in a Bold New Direction

Two Moms in the Raw rebrands as Soul Sprout


Suffering from rapidly declining sales, “Two Moms in the Raw” was a pioneer/first mover brand faced with increasing pressure from second generation category brands and FDA regulation. New investors green lighted an entire new positioning around Sprouted Ingredients, impacting the entire brand expression.

Consumer research data informed our audience title “Wellness Warrior” — a dedicated, educated, and mindful person, who’s exceptionally committed to their own personal standard of health & wellness. Connecting the brand name, SOI and language around the brand idea (“Charged for Life”) became priority number one.  With these key points in mind, an incredibly tribal, creative, and holistic expression was born.

project scope


• Brand vision

• Identity Refresh

• Packaging

• Brand extension

• Brand guidelines

Live with passion, purpose and to full potential.
Live for the new, the unknown, the seemingly unattainable. Live to experience.
— probar mission