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Natural Products Expo West 2019 NEXTY Award: Best New Organic Food: 
PROBAR live -Live Probiotic Nutrition Bars

project scope

  • Brand vision

  • Identity Refresh

  • Packaging

  • Brand extension

  • Brand guidelines

bringing probar to its next chapter

ProBar teamed up with Bright as it entered an exciting new growth chapter of the business. A plant based/real food/simple ingredient nutrition company, ProBar began with the aspiration to provide a great tasting whole food alternative that is convenient, high quality and nutritious. 

our work

ProBar needed to broaden its audience. A challenge emerged as ProBar gained market presence. With the name PRO-BAR, the prevailing perception was that this was a food for professional performance athletes. ProBar’s simple healthful recipe’s were in fact applicable to a much broader consumer audience of achievers of all sorts.

Live with passion, purpose and to full potential.
Live for the new, the unknown, the seemingly unattainable. Live to experience.
— probar mission