Snack Factory's Pretzel Crisps

When a great baby is getting out of the bath, you have to hold tight and let the water go. Pretzel Crisp came to us with a terrific product, a sassy attitude and a marketing team ready to create an epic change in snacks. But they had a package that wasn’t going to get them there.

Recognizing that Snack Factory's distribution was largely derived of opportunistic deli placements, we made improvements to their initial natural retail offering.  Introducing vibrant glossy colors, a new dynamic wave structure and product pairings gave the retail presence much needed depth and impact.  The prominent introduction of pairings gave the tech savvy marketing and field sales team tons of content to develop an energetic and forward thinking social media effort. In addition to the packaging, Bright developed all POS displays, and numerous brand campaigns both on and off line.  Focus and a lot of hustling was rewarded by extraordinary growth.